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Capricorn-Aquarius cusp

January 17-22

Note-Please check both signs for more information.

Attractions: Like all cusps, the Capricorn/Aquarius is attracted to other cusps, especially Cancer/Leo(July 19-25) and Scorpio/Sagittarius (November 19-24)
Notable people born
under the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius:
Benjamin Franklin, Betty White, Danny Kaye, Edgar Allen Poe, Janis Joplin, Frederico Fellini, Geena Davis, Lord Byron


As with all cusp people the Capricorn/Aquarius is of two elements-Earth and Air
They have the practical,conservative side of Capricorn and the unpredictable nature of Aquarius
They are capable of providing electric excitement where ever they go.
They have a vivid fantasy life.
They can use their active fantasy to express themselves through many types of art forms.
They must find a creative outlet for their creative energy.
Try not to go off the deep end but find those that understand and appreciate.

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