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Aquarius-Pisces cusp

February 16-22

Note-Please check both signs for more information.

Attractions: Cancer/Gemini(June 19-24) and Leo/ Virgo August (19-25). Like all other cusps Aquarius/Pisces is attracted to other cusps.
Notable people born
under the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces:
Michael Jordan, Nicholas Copernicus, Nancy Wilson, Anais Nin, George Washington


Like all cusps, the Aquarius/Pisces is of two conflicting elements-Air and Water
The active, inventive side of Aquarius merge with the dreamy side of Pisces.
They may be seen as explorer that like to dig into themselves while they fight the urge to soar.
They hunger for experience.
They are extremely sensitive.
They must not give up on the world and retreat.
They must learn to trust.

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