How To Repair a Haier Refrigerator or Wine Cooler that's not cooling properly.

Haier Thermoelectric RefrigeratorHaier Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

I've come across a few of these on Craigslist and other places. In nearly every case, while the owner may insist it works, these Haier thermoelectric refrigerators and coolers all seem to suffer the same darn problem - they just don't get cold.

Sound Familiar?

The upside is the repair is cheap and costs only a few bucks and about 30 minutes of your time and I've created this page with a video showing you just how easy it is to repair these Haier units. The video is longer than necessary, and kind of boring, but I figured I'd let you see most of the entire repair rather than leave something out that I consider trivial that actually is an important step. I've seen a ton of 'How To' videos that leave out that 'one little screw' thing that drives you nuts.

But the gist of it is: Check that the fans are blowing, the PCB is supplying 12vdc, and the heat sinks aren't clogged with dust. If that all checks out then replacing the peltier unit ( less than $25 ) is the fix.

Here's the video.....

Text Instructions: (photos below)

Romove back panel. Bend down out of the way. Plug refrigerator in. Verify the fan is turning.

Check for 12 volts DC on the peltier unit. It's the to thicker black and red wires running

from the heat sinks. If you have 12vdc and the unit is not cooling then the peltier thermoelectric cooler is defective.

Unplug the refrigerator. Remove the two screws holding in the heat sink / cooling assembly.

Pull out the assembly. Remove the 4 screws holding the fan.

Separate the two halves of the assembly. There may be some silicon on the screws holding the assembly together.

The peltier device  (TEC) is sandwiched between the large and small heat sinks.

Remove the device and clean the heat sink thermal compound. I use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

Note the lettering and wire color location of the cooling unit - one side is hot, one side is cold.

Apply new heat sink compound to each side of the heat sink and the TEC itself.

Seat the replacement device back on the heatsink, reseat both sides, and re-assemble the unit in the reverse order.

Once the heat sink / cooler assembly is remounted cut the wires to the old TEC. Splice the new device on - solder and tape, or, if you're ambitious, remove the PCB and solder directly. Secure the loose wiring and check for any debris.

Plug the unit in and verify cooling. Note: These coolers aren't the greatest to begin with so cooling may take a few minutes to an hour. You'll notice the improved colling within 2 hours. If not re-check that the cooling unit was installed with the correct polarity and that hot is facing out and cold is facing in.

That Does It!

With the back off you can seen the control (thermostat) pcb and the heatsing / cooling assembly (which I've already removed in the photo)

Here's the heat sink prior to cleaning off the thermal compound.

Here's the peltier thermoelectric cooler device ( TEC1-12706 )